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Welcome to the American Mandarin International Center.
The AMIC is an extracurricular school for skills not taught at schools.

The AMIC is an exclusive school for select students.
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Brief on The AMIC

The AMIC is an online school founded in Florida USA for kids ages 7-14.
At The AMIC we are focused on teaching life skills not taught at ordinary education level. We focus on Business, Investments, Engineering and Space Exploration. Languages are taught from a business perspective. Students learn to negotiate deals in Mandarin, to crack a joke in Spanish and know all about the International Space Station.
Our educators are chosen diligently from countries all over the globe including the USA, Canada and Spain. 
All courses are taught live over 40 minutes sessions.

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Skills for Life not for Exams

Cut out unnecessary jargon


The AMIC is a business school for kids. We teach business strategy, finance and entrepreneurship. Business is challenging. AMIC kids learn to take responsibility and embrace hardships.
Our goal is that anyone attending AMIC will open their own enterprise.


The future is in science, engineering, and technology. Help your kids get comfortable with these concepts early on.
At the AMIC, we teach engineering through Familiarity (paper airplanes, Lego bridges…etc.), Tales (Stories stick with kids through rhyme and have encoded truths underneath - contained engineering concepts)
as well as Experimentation (such as lemon batteries, flying balloons, magnet trains and many more).


Ready to crack a joke in German, hustle in Mandarin and hold a business meeting in Spanish? That’s what kids learn at the AMIC. “Language is Communication.
And Communication is Life.” AMIC students look for meaningful conversations with interesting people anywhere on the globe.


If we would choose one thing, and one thing only, to do right it would be speaking perfect English.
Almost all our teachers, admins and staff members are native speakers from the US and Canada and chosen so, to provide the same level of language proficiency. We take our languages seriously.


What is the #1 language US Billionaires are keen to teach their kids?
You guessed it, Mandarin.
As China gains world prominence, and business shifts eastwards, we cannot simply ignore the fact that it is the language used in one of the most powerful countries in our world today.


‘Every child is an artist; the problem is to remain one’ – Picasso
For us, engineering and art are inseparable. True engineers are artists and vice versa. We believe in our kids. We encourage them to stay creative. New ideas are always welcome and ready to be tested.


‘There are Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Unknows’ – Donald Rumsfeld
Can kids identify the first two? Can they separate reliable sources from unreliable ones? Can they keep persisting and persevering till they unlock these unknown unknowns and reach some ‘Aha moments’?
That’s what kids learn at the AMIC. We focus less on mechanical memorization and more on brainstorming, critical thinking and collaboration.

Decision Making

Decision making is a life skill that takes a lot of practice.
At the AMIC, kids make decisions in both comfortable setting and under pressure. They focus on facts, use their experience and learn from their peers’ mistakes.


Everything we do at the AMIC is connected through integrity. Our teaching would be futile otherwise.
Integrity allows kids to take right decisions in their everyday life. Knowing its importance helps them develop academic honesty and inspires them to believe in themselves!

Our Educators

From all over the globe, countries including US, Canada and Spain!

Professional, enthusiastic and love to work with kids.
We choose our teachers very meticulously.

Listen to Kids talk, and it is important we pay attention to what they say no matter what.

Adapt  Whatever kind of learner your kid is, rest assured that AMIC teachers know how to deliver the message to all types of learners. Our teachers will adapt to your kid’s needs.

Communicate A relationship with kids is a two-way relationship based on open communication.

Empathy It is extremely important that kids feel their hurt is well understood.
Value Real-World

Learning Our main goal in our teaching is for kids to experience real-world learning.
Skills for Life not for Exams

Meet the Founder

Mohsen Michel Mosaad is an Egyptian American entrepreneur. He works in home appliances, construction, and education. He is a father of 2 boys ages 9 & 4. Mohsen enjoys traveling around the globe for business and for leisure. His time is divided between Egypt and the US. He endeavors to create new education and business trends by mixing the two cultures together.

Mohsen grew up in a family of 5 kids. His parents, Michel and Nadia Mosaad, had their own company. Mohsen spent a lot of time there; a 6 year old playing with the fax machine and typewriter and a teenager emailing clients. His parents knew that being independent and maneuvering through the real world were as important as receiving a top education.

Michel Mosaad believed that curiosity and learning are the keys that open so many doors. Each morning he would tell little Mohsen: “Mohsen, today I want you to ask 101 questions”. And so he did. He asked questions all the time!

It made him what he is today.

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